The Best Urgent Care Center for Patients in Cleburne, TX

If your illness or injury is not life threatening, come to us. We’ll save you valuable time and money. Our experienced Doctors and Nurses will treat you with the love and care you deserve and make sure you are Happy, Healthy and back at Home. Going to ER can cost $1,000’s of dollars and your primary doctor is probably not available for a week or two. We are proud to offer fast, convenient and excellent medical care to the amazing people of Cleburne, TX.

Our Story

Dr. Nelson and Farahmand have both been working in ER’s all over Texas for over a decade. They witnessed how small towns lacked quality and affordable medical care. Emergency Rooms (ER) are EXPENSIVE and they are meant to only treat LIFE THREATENING conditions. But due to lack of alternatives, folks in small towns often have to visit the nearest ER for common illnesses and injuries. This causes 2 issues: 1. It costs the patient up to thousands of Dollars 2. It clogs up the ER and delays care for those with Threatening conditions. So Dr. Nelson and Farahmand decided to bring affordable and convenient medical care to small town Texas, starting with Cleburne, TX.

Meet the Team


Jason Nicholas

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dr. Alex Farahmand, MD

Vice President

Dr. Marcie Lusk, D.N.P.

Director of Relations & Education 

Kilea Johnson, F.N.P.

Chief Nursing Practitioner 

Elizabeth Mora, F.N.P

Nurse Practitioner 

Sydney, M.A., N.T.C.

Michaela, M.A., N.T.C.


Office Assistant 

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